Friday, January 06, 2006

Weekly Overrated Movie: Batman Begins

Every week I write an article about an underrated and overrated movie. This week’s overrated movie is the latest Batman movie: Batman Begins.

Rated 8.3 on imdb, which is pretty high. So it should be a good movie, right? Well, no. Eventhough I have read lots of praising reviews on the Internet, I don’t like the movie at all. I’m constantly waiting for hell to break loose. For the bat-mobile to be abused, or for Batman going wild. But none of this really happens. You can compare the movie with Alexander. You expect a lot of action, but instead you get a lame story. Batman Begins is easily on the same boredom level as Alexander. At the end I was really annoyed. Even more annoying than the party poker posts.

Someone fill me in why this movie was rated 8.3?


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