Friday, January 06, 2006

Funny multi user whiteboard

Just found out about this site. It’s a multi user whiteboard. It allows you to invite a friend by mail or messenger, and then you can both use the whiteboard (just like paint).

I thought I’d share it for you bored people. Oh and this is the first post from my new computer hehe. It’s suweeeet.

Weekly Underrated Movie: Carlito’s Way

This weeks underrated movie is Carlito’s Way. Those who have seen the movie love it. The problem is, not many people have seen this movie.

The movie is about an old school gangster, Carlito’s Way (Al Pacino), from Peurto Rico. After being released from jail he pledges to stay away from his former drug dealing ways but that’s not easy when you’re surrounded by friends with bad connections. Even his lawyer (Sean Penn), is corrupt, sniffs coke and has bad friends. When this lawyer gets into trouble, he needs Carlito to help him out. All this stuff drags him back to the world of violence and mistrust. The only way out is to raise enough money for him and his girl. But will he make it in time?

It’s a great movie with great appearances by by Al Pacino, Sean Penn, Penelope Ann Miller and John Leguizamo. If you’re into gangster movies then don’t rent the dvd, but buy it.

Weekly Overrated Movie: Batman Begins

Every week I write an article about an underrated and overrated movie. This week’s overrated movie is the latest Batman movie: Batman Begins.

Rated 8.3 on imdb, which is pretty high. So it should be a good movie, right? Well, no. Eventhough I have read lots of praising reviews on the Internet, I don’t like the movie at all. I’m constantly waiting for hell to break loose. For the bat-mobile to be abused, or for Batman going wild. But none of this really happens. You can compare the movie with Alexander. You expect a lot of action, but instead you get a lame story. Batman Begins is easily on the same boredom level as Alexander. At the end I was really annoyed. Even more annoying than the party poker posts.

Someone fill me in why this movie was rated 8.3?